VIP Package

The service includes an in-depth design solutions for all the aspects related to the interior design – functional zoning, volume-spatial solutions and selection of lighting fixtures, furniture, color options and materials. We will deal in detail with every feature and as a result you will get an interior project with a unique design, technical documentation, furnishing specification, materials, samples and detailed bill of quantities, all that is necessary for the implementation of the project.

The package is suitable for clients, who want to completely change the comfort of the residing space to a highest level.

Choose the VIP PACKAGE in case you need:

  • Complete change of the residing space;
  • Satisfying new needs and accomplishing new objectives- functional, aesthetic or commercial;
  • Consulting services at each of the stages of the project implementation;
  • Selection of materials for project implementation; reviewing samples and specialized catalogs;
  • Designer supervision by the designers themselves during the project implementation, which is a guarantee that everything will look exactly the way it was designed and planned;

What you will get if you choose the VIP PACKAGE:

  • Meeting with an interior designer at the start of the project to discuss your requirements and wishes regarding the design of the new interior;
  • Architectural surveying – visiting the construction site and taking the precise dimensions;
  • Preparation of basic layout plan of the construction area/space;
  • Optimal installation design of movable furniture – up to 3 options offered;
  • Selection of color options;
  • Selection of materials;
  • Selection of furniture;
  • Selection of lighting fixtures;
  • 3D visualizations (basic);
  • Alterations in the architectural layout – moving, adding or removing walls, windows and other architectural elements;
  • Wall plans, detailing specific parts of the project;
  • Technical details for execution, illustrating specific parts of the project;
  • Specification of doors and windows;
  • Specification of furnishing and installation;
  • A bill of quantities (BOQ);
  • Soffits – all plans of ceilings detailing typical parts of the project;
  • Blueprints for the accurate installation of all the necessary electrical terminals, switches and contacts;
  • Blueprints for the accurate installation of the mechanical and plumbing elements;
  • Blueprints for the accurate installation of the heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) elements;
  • Designer supervision during the project implementation. It is conducted under the terms for designer supervision and does not include transportation costs.